Domes for storage tanks

Over the past 50 years aluminium domes have developed to be the roof of choice for API 650 atmospheric storage tanks. At CTS® we have extensive experience realizing aluminium dome projects all over the world for the most demanding customers and applications. By combining our engineering knowledge with the best possible manufacturing quality and installation support we will always make sure to meet and exceed your expectations. Do contact us with any aluminium dome requirements, as we will be more than happy to be of support, and to qualify ourselves on an attractive basis.

Advantages using aluminium domes:

  • Fast construction time
  • No blasting or painting required
  • Eliminating floating roof wind exposure, reducing VOC-emissions
  • Eliminating floating roof sun exposure, reducing VOC-emissions
  • Eliminating rainwater ingress
  • Improving tank safety, eliminating rim fires
  • Suitable for all local load requirements (snow- and wind loads)