Gauge Pole Sleeve

A gauge pole sleeve (GPS) is a stainless steel sleeve as bolted on inside the well of the external floating roof holding the penetration for gauge pole and thermo well dip pipe. The sleeve is extending into the liquid, and is bolted on to the sliding plate on top of the gauge pole well. Doing so ensures that vapors formed inside the well can no longer penetrate the gauge pole, significantly reducing gauge pole emissions, as the well outside the pole represents the largest exposed product surface, and as such this area represents the biggest part of the gauge pole emissions if no emission reduction measures are taken. A gauge pole sleeve is categorized as BAT (Best Available Technique) or BACT (Best Available Control Technique) in reducing gauge pole emissions under EPA-rules and codes as well as BREE Storag (EU, IPPC, 2006).

Advantages gauge pole sleeve:

  • High emission reduction
  • Can be installed on tanks in-service
  • No wearing parts
  • Economic design
  • Easy installation by local crews
  • Short delivery time.