IFR’s (Internal Floating Roofs) are installed in atmospheric storage tanks to reduce emissions from volatile hydrocarbons and chemicals. Available as non-contact skin and pontoon IFR or full contact HC (Honeycomb reinforced) design they represent BAT (Best Available Technique) or BACT (Best Available Control Technique) in preventing emissions while not representing an end-of-pipe solution. Tests conducted in the past decades have clearly shown emission reductions to exceed reduction percentages as required under the most stringent environmental standards such as EPA (global requirement, USA origin) or BREF Storage (EU-requirement, IPPC 2006). At the same time they meet the most stringent construction standards such as API 650, EN 14015 and EEMUA 159 as well as all safety standards such as NFPA 11 and ATEX standards on fire-detection, fire-fighting and explosive atmospheres. Contact us to allow us to support your atmospheric storage tank emission reduction programs, so we can make sure to reduce your environmental footprint to an absolute minimum