Other Products

CTS® has a number of other products Though atmospheric storage tanks. These include the following products:

  • Leg seals and leg socks
  • Gauge pole sleeves and gauge pole socks
  • Rim vents
  • Floating suction lines and suspended suction lines
  • Integral foam dam (rim mounted)
  • Flat covers for waste water
  • Retractable grounding cables

At the end of CTS® we take great pride in the decades of experience we have supplying products such as aluminium dome roofs, aluminium internal floating roofs, tanks, drain lines and many other typical storage tank related product while not compromising on reliability, safety and integrity of the tank. All our shipment include tools, detailed installation manuals and drawings and picture installation manuals. Apart from that we are often engaged to arrange for experienced supervision or we contract projects including installation to ensure the best possible project result. Please do contact us with your requirements, so we can present you our scope of supply, where you can rest assured we will do all within our abilities to meet and exceed your expectations, today, tomorrow and in decades to come!