New storage terminal for oil products

    In 2011 Vopak and its partner NIBC European Infrastructure Fund (NEIF) did reach an agreement to build and operate a new storage terminal for oil products in the port of Eemshaven, The Netherlands. For this new Dutch storage facility a joint venture has been established in which both companies are equal shareholders. The terminal as now commissioned provides services to European governments for the storage of their strategic reserves of liquid oil products, such as crude oil, gasoil and gasoline.

    Vopak operates this new terminal that has an initial storage capacity of 660,000 cubic meters, comprising of 11 tanks with a storage capacity of 60,000 cubic meters each, and a jetty for seagoing vessels. This capacity has already been rented-out for a long-term period and was commissioned in the third quarter of 2012. The terminal can be expanded to a total storage capacity of 2.76 million cubic meters in the future.

    CTS was selected to supply and install the following systems for this terminal:

    • 11 units 61m diameter aluminium domes
    • 6 units 61m diameter full contact aluminium IFR’s (internal floating roofs)

    So 6 tanks were realised for volatile compounds, having a full contact IFR and representing BAT (Best Available Technique) in reducing emissions.

    The other 5 tanks are equipped with aluminium domes that have a condensate tight flashing area, to allow storage of less volatile hydrocarbons that can condensate on the internal surface of the dome.

    The domes were initially foreseen to be built inside the tank, and to see a straight lift up, positioning the dome on top of the tank. However to meet the project deadlines and to deal with some shifting project circumstances 2 domes were built in the same tank (10-04), for the upper dome to be crane lifted to an adjacent tank (10-05). For a 61m diameter dome being on top of a 24m high tank and having a weight of almost 38 tonnes this represents a serious challenge, addressed by mobilising a 650 tonne mobile crane.

    CTS completed this project realising in excess of 25,000 men hours without any LTI (Lost Time Injury), a safety performance to be proud of!

    • Client
    • Vopak
    • Location
    • The Netherlands
    • Period
    • 2013

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