Another milestone project

    The Vopak Europoort terminal is expanded with eight new tanks of a joint capacity of 400,000 m3. The past storage capacity of the terminal, already the world’s largest in it sort was 3.3 million m3. The tanks are used to store Jet Fuel.

    The new tank pit 16 consists of 8 tanks with a capacity of 50,000 m3 each, being 47m in diameter and 30m high.


    CTS was selected to supply the following scope on this project:

    • Aluminium dome roofs
    • Full contact aluminium internal floating roofs, cable suspended
    • Floating suction lines (FSL’s), 24” x 31m

    Over the years this tank configuration has developed as the tank configuration of choice for Vopak, representing the best in class for tank emissions, safety and maintenance, while giving the highest possible tank capacity. CTS has specialised in these kind of projects, and has built an excellent track record realising these projects while exceeding expectations.

    These particular tanks do meet al JIG guidelines, and as such have been given a floating suction line (FSL) to also allow drawing off product from the upper layers of product stored, as to absolutely eliminate any water content in the Jet Fuel pumped out. This along with the tank being fully coated internally will make sure that the Jet Fuel coming out from the tank will be meeting the strictest quality requirements under all circumstances.

    Completed in May 2014 this project is another milestone project realised by CTS for Vopak.

    • Client
    • Vopak
    • Location
    • Europoort
    • Period
    • Q2-2014

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