An important aspect of service life extension is also to select the right materials and products from the start. CTS is able to give impartial and sound advice on requirements for optimal service life. Taking this in consideration service life extension even becomes more efficient.


    Service life optimalisation

    A significant part of the assets in tank storage facilities are currently near the limits of the intended service life. The most efficient way to deal with this circumstance is to implement service life optimisation. This involves “continued use of a product and/or service close to its original design life”. It is centred around inspection and assessment of risks and total life cycle cost (LCC) of continuing the use of the product or service versus the cost of replacement.

    The experienced engineers in our asset management department as well as the partners in our extensive network are capable to implement these systems in you organisation. The focus of this implementation will be to create an asset management plan based on risk and reliability with anoptimal balance between risk, reliability and economic considerations.

    SLE is regarded as an environmentally friendly way to relieve the pressure of waste by prolonging the useful life of aging products and preventing them from being discarded too early. The only way to assure the continued economic operation of facilities with aging assets is by implementing a clever system of service life extension.

    Our engineers adopt a pro-active predictive approach. This starts with a thorough investigation of the current state of the asset. The aim is to inspect with as little intrusion as possible. This includes the use of drones and inspection robots. After inspection a risk based assessment is carried out, using the best available tools in the market. The final steps in the process are in service mitigation when possible and planning an optimal maintenance scope when all in service options are exhausted.

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