In the hectic world that our industry constitutes sometimes problems can get tight . At times you require a particular product or item at short notice without a clue where to source this. In these  situations CTS will show its merit. We know exactly where to be source and because of our wide network we will offer the solution concerned against sharp prices in optimum delivery times.


    Solutions for any supply challenge

    With its wide international network of high quality suppliers CTS is in an excellent position to provide a solution for any supply challenge in the Oil & Gas and Marine industry all over the world. We supply products and systems to many major industrial end users and we have been active in the maritime sector for many years.

    We can provide any solution irrespective of type of material, dimension or quantity. We believe that the best solution offers the best combination of price, delivery conditions and service life. It is our goal to continuously improve our performance in order to optimise your total cost of ownership.   

    We highly value the relationship with our clients and we will go a long way to find an optimal solution together.

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