We are dedicated to making the next step in sustainability by adding innovative products to our range. Our solar products and new solutions for emission measuring and logging will reduce the consumption of traditional energy and give clear insight in the performance of emission prevention.


    Offering sustainable solutions

    The worldwide interest for sustainable entrepreneurship has triggered a keen interest for solutions to reduce the environmental footprint of our industries. Rightfully also legislators have added to the trend by increasing the requirements for achieving a safe and sustainable industry. CTS offers services that aim to facilitate increased use of sustainable solutions in our industry.

    Since its founding CTS has supplied numerous solutions and provided effective support for the reduction of VOC emission all around the world. Our large installed base of seals, domes and internal floating roofs have contributed significantly to the worldwide reduction of these emissions. With sustainability in our vision we aim to continue supporting our partners in their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint we leave behind for future generations.

    Whether it are the traditional emission control measures, such as internal floating roofs or tank seals or the new range of solutions we offer, CTS always puts proven technology and quality first. You can count on us to make decisions based on functionality and our contribution to a better future.


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