Drainmaster hose swivel

Drainmaster hose swivels have developed as the most common flexible connection in pivoting drain pipe arrangements installed in external floating roof tanks. They consist of a steel or stainless steel pivot mechanism encasing a special hose segment. The hose of  the CTS Swivelmaster swivel joint is constructed from layers of fabric, reinforced with a stainless steel inner and outer helix and swaged to carbon steel tail pieces with flanges. The selected fabric materials consist of various layers of special Fluoropolymer materials that are especially selected for submerged use without product permeation through the fabrics. These special fabric materials make the pivot suitable for the most aggressive products like MTBE and 100% aromatics. Our extensive experience with composition of hoses ensures a long term performance of our Swivelmaster system. The protecting flexible joint is executed with maintenance free sliding bearings and eliminates stresses and strains on the hose. It can be fabricated from different grades of stainless steel and carbon steel.

Drainmaster features:

  • designed for submerged service in aggressive environments, anti-static design
  • pressure tested and certified
  • maintenance free
  • service live well in excess of 15 years
  • easy installation
  • light weight compared to conventional swivels
  • no abrasion to either tank floor or covering layer
  • traditional swivel joints or other connections that are vulnerable for leaks or require maintenance are eliminated
  • no lateral forces on floating roof
  • system design allows continuous slope in drain line.