Wax scrapers

Effective wax scrapers are extremely important to reduce liquid film built-up and to eliminate wax deposits. This as solidified product film above the floating roof can run-off on an external floating roof in low position, and contaminate this. Same goes for wax deposits. Also emissions increase, and tank safety is impacted from higher quantities of product depositions. In the end they also pollute the rainwater to be disposed from the tank. In 2019 CTS developed extremely effective wax scrapers as part of our CTS30W primary seal. This design was extensively tested. The pictures in this page show the same tank before and immediately after hydro-testing the CTS30W seal installed, as follows:

  • Detail of tank shell above landed floating roof with wax deposits
  • Same detail of tank shell after hydro-test, wax deposits removed
  • View up from landed floating roof showing tank shell after hydro-test

As images illustrate the CTS30W wax scraper arrangement represent the best possible approach in reducing environmental and safety impact to an absolute minimum! Please contact us for more product references or more information or request us for a quotation, as we will be more than happy to be of support.