CTS20LP Low Profile Secondary Seal

The CTS20LP is an independent low-profile rim mounted secondary seal. As such it increases tank capacity as tanks can be filled to higher levels compared to filling levels using conventional compression plate secondary seals. The CTS20LP consists of stainless steel springs pushing a rubber seal tip against the tank shell. Above these springs a continuous vapor barrier is installed which provides excellent vapor tightness and ensures a very effective seal. The CTS20LP seal will be designed according to API 650 and all other relevant (inter)national requirements such as EN 14015 and EEMUA 159.

Features CTS20LP secondary low profile seal:

  • Reduces emissions significantly, seal is gas tight and independent
  • Seal has working range of –X/+3X according EEMUA 159
  • Meets the most stringent international environmental regulations and requirements
  • Centers the external floating roof
  • Prevents rain and contaminants to enter the tank and stored product
  • Generates an uniform pressure against the tank shell
  • Gas tight seal, excellent emission reduction (>99%)
  • No rim fires possible after installation, fire-safe seal
  • Economically interesting because of the seal design
  • Maintenance free
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation with hand tools only (no hot work required).