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    CTS is a leading global solutions provider with a strong foothold in the tank storage industry. We succeeded in expanding our reach to other industries, such as water storage, LNG and petrochemical. Our teams, in all major hubs worldwide, aim to provide solutions rather than products. Their expertise and experience is a guarantee that the products are installed in the most economic, efficient and above all safe manner.

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    Asset management

    An important aspect of service life extension is also to select the right materials and products from the start.

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    We are dedicated to making the next step in sustainability by adding innovative products to our range.

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    Industrial supplies

    Because of our wide network we will offer the solution concerned against sharp prices in optimum delivery times.

    Popular solutions

    Our goal is to provide well engineered innovative solutions that focus on total cost of ownership, reduction of our environmental footprint and reliability. This goal can be found in our solutions as well as in our day to day business. This attitude allows us to present full service solutions for our customers, which we provide around high values and the best performance in quality and safety.

    Vopak MiDEx

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    CTS Basic Principles

    1. Ready for the future – Team + Teamwork = Key to success
    2. Back to the intention – Communicate to understand and be understood
    3. Global Standards – Seeing the company as a whole, not just from a limited or functional perspective
    4. Global Standards – He who is asked to give something has waited too long
    5. Local Entrepreneurship – Be proud and always act as an ambassador for the company
    6. Alone you are faster, together you get further – Because I’m not perfect too. And that’s O.K.!