CTS®: Systems and products for atmospheric storage tanks

CTS® is a leading storage tank supply partner with a global presence – manufacturing and distributing amongst others aluminium dome roofs, aluminium internal floating roofs (IFR’s), tank seals and drain systems. Typically these products are destined for atmospheric storage tanks as have typically been designed and built under API 650 as design and construction standard, and are maintained under API 653. Other standards used are BS 2654, EN 14015 and DIN 4119.

Where CTS® was established as an independent company in 2004 the history of CTS® goes much further back, as CTS® was the result of a management buy-out from Econosto in 2004, where Econosto acquired Hofland Deltaflex in 1996. As such CTS® has continued the storage tank related activities of the following companies:

  • Delta Rubber
  • Deltaflex and Deltaflex Services
  • Hofland Deltaflex
  • Econosto

The management of CTS® has a track record of more than 3 decades working in the field of atmospheric storage tanks. As a result of our extensive experience and track record we are in an excellent position to support you in reducing emissions and operating your storage tanks on a safe and sound basis!