Drain hoses


CTS® Drain hoses represent a reliable alternative to drain lines based on (hose) swivels. If properly engineered, tested and installed they are extremely reliable, and suitable for the most demanding service draining rainwater from external floating roof tanks. The following hose cover materials are available:

  • Nitrile (NBR), CTS604, suitable for 50% aromatics
  • Nitrile/PVC, CTS608, suitable for 70% aromatics
  • Viton (FKM), CTS603, suitable for 100% aromatics

Our extensive experience with drain of hoses ensures a long term performance of any hose system we supply.

Drain hose features:

  • designed for submerged service in aggressive environments, anti-static design
  • pressure tested and certified
  • maintenance free
  • service live well in excess of 15 years
  • easy installation
  • only 2 flange connections, minimising leakage risk
  • floating roof can rotate without stressing drain line
  • no worries about freezing water.