Tank inspections

Given the nature of atmospheric storage tanks it is extremely important to conduct detailed inspections prior to maintaining or converting these tanks, as to ensure long term integrity for these assets. CTS® will support you in conducting tank inspections, and with implementing a structured approach towards documenting these.

CTS® is able to conduct the following atmospheric storage tank inspections:

  • API 653 or EEMUA 159 tank seal inspections
  • EPA LDAR and NTA 8399 emission measurements
  • PGS 29, VLAREM I, II and III and TÜV TA-Luft compliance audits
  • API 2000 and EN 28025 venting reviews
  • NFPA 11 and  EN 13575 firefighting infrastructure review
  • Fit for service inspections

Not only will we be able to conduct and structure the inspection programs for you, but we will also ensure that data collected and compiled will be structured to allow the best possible availability and access for both the internal organisation as well as any authorities requiring access to your tank inspection records.

CTS® will be happy working with you and all other parties and stakeholders involved to ensure your atmospheric storage tanks will meet the highest standards with respect to integrity, reliability and operational performance.